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 It is a must read and life changing.  If you love yourself enough than your brain chemistry will change the neuroplastcity in your brain will change.  The firing of neurons in the synapses of the brain will reconstruct and thinking positively about yourself will become easier and make more sense.  Ultimately it will become a habit.  There is no ceiling that can measure the amount of love that you can have for yourself and the world around you.  So with this being said I made my Vow to love myself every single day with as much intensity as possible.  To go all out and to do whatever it will take in order to unconditionally love myself.  Nothing else matters except for this.  I know that once I get to the point of truly loving myself for who I really am I  will live life to the fullest with more happiness and abundance than ever before.  My confidence will be outrageous compared to the past.  I will be more resourceful and honest.  I will believe in myself more and more every second of everyday.  Any set backs are temporary and part of the process.  I got to do what is best for me so that I can take my game to a whole new level ultimately being able to live the life of my dreams.  I hope to embark my journey so that I can share what I will learn with others.  So I can help transform other peoples lives by teaching them how I did it.  I want this for me so badly.  I know that it is achievable so now it's time to act on my vow and take action.  Anyway take a look at this book I strongly encourage anybody going through a hard time in life to check it out and take it head on!]]><![CDATA[Transcendental Meditation]]>Sun, 13 Jul 2014 06:46:30 GMThttp://vibrationalfrequency.weebly.com/blog/transcendental-meditationWow so over the last few days I've done some research.  Looking into the best forms of meditation.  Ways that as a beginner I can start the best style of Meditation out there!  What I came across is a nice find.  It is called Transcendental Meditation.  It is a form of meditation that takes the idea to a whole new level.  It enhances the results by making the whole idea at large easy to do.  A school in Detroit is using this form of meditation for the kids in there middle school and high school to ease tension and increase focus and concentration in the classrooms.  The results according to my extensive research are remarkable.  This form of meditation has been announced so successful that some well known celebrities have taken it head on and made dramatic changes in there lives as well.  It's the easiest way to meditate out there with guaranteed results.  The amount of change in your brain will take about two weeks until the neurons start changing there anatomy and chemistry inside of the brain.  Ideally it's easy to do and all it takes is a committed decision to engaging in sitting still for twenty minutes in the morning when you wake then twenty minutes before you go to bed at night.  The idea is to not focus on anything not on your breathing or anything.  Just sit still for 20 minutes and relax be mindful and aware of when and where your thoughts takes you and all you do is bring your mind back to relaxing.  Also make sure to just focus on one thing which is a word that you say in your head over and over.  Reiterate it until your sick of it and every time your mind wonders from the word bring it back to it and continue saying it in your head.  The word that I use is Shrim, which is a God who is known for abundance!  Your word doesn't have to have any certain value just something that you constantly reiterate.  This form of Meditation has the ability to CURE and OVERCOME troubles in life such as the fear you have rooted in your belief system, ADHD, OCD, social anxiety, and many others such as addiction; just by the way you allow your brain to recreate itself.  In fact you lose your mind and create a new one.  You are allowed to change your brain and reconstruct it the way you want it to be.  Once you do this you will see massive results in life you will feel liberated.  Financial freedom and abundance may come into life.  How you communicate with others and how you look at yourself and go through the day will change dramatically.  My challenge is for you to follow the easy guidelines and start meditating today for the next 30 days for a total of 40 minutes a day 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night!  That's it then at the end of the time you'll see huge change and will never look back!  I think this is something that is truly amazing that allows anybody to change there life from the inside out.  I believe that if I'm more conscious with the way I think and how I see the world the more I'll be able to connect with myself.  The easier it will become for me to be free to do whatever I want with a sense of ease.  I will become more authentic and able to get more out of life!]]><![CDATA[Annihilate Limiting Beliefs]]>Mon, 07 Jul 2014 06:56:15 GMThttp://vibrationalfrequency.weebly.com/blog/annihilate-limiting-beliefsFeel like your stuck and limiting yourself?

I've dove deep into some books that have helped me out drastically.  After reading a few of them I realized some very tools to get you from where you are to where you want to be!  I think everybody has a passion everybody no matter what has an opportunity to live their life to the fullest.  Life is limitless how do we live this way?  First STOP playing small your not helping the world.  Let me tell you this, if you got any fears or anything holding you back.  Don't put your focus on getting rid of them.  Stop worrying about how you will get over it.  Whenever you try to NOT think about something the opposite happens and in my experience the more I end up focusing on that one thing.  You got to decide to focus on IMPROVING you got to focus on your GREATNESS you got to be able to visualize yourself at your highest self.  When you apply this concentration on positive things in your life you will become more optimistic.  Focus on your fucking liveness be a lion, TAP into it.  That's it that's all it takes to move toward where you want to go!  You start living and stop preparing to live.  The ability to cultivate a liveness in your body and your mind and you start engaging more in the NOW in the present moment the more liveness you will build.  Fuel yourself with energy and generate it by choosing to!  You got to be real with yourself.  My advice for everybody is to dive deep into meditation!  At least a half hour of it every night for an entire month will change your life for the better.

How can meditation change my life?

Meditation is the ability to be absolutely present with your thoughts.  The purpose is to become more aware of your thoughts.  During this time the objective is ultimately to be more instropective.  To be mindful of your thoughts and changing the ones that aren't positive.  After practice and patience you'll have the ability to be who you truly are rather than what you have been limiting yourself to.  You will be able to rewire your thought processes and beliefs by putting forth this conscious effort.  I highly recommend listening to guided meditation videos on YouTube before your go to sleep at night!  Make sure that you focus on your breathing in turn allowing you to be present and clear your mind of anything and everything!  The idea is to realize what your mind wanders to and to bring it back into the present moment.  This really helps me with stress and anxiety it also is a way to release emotional garbage from the past.  It slowly but surely will make a dramatic impact on the way you think and treat yourself.

How to build up courage?

Making a decision to change your life for the better is crucial.  Making a decision to commit to something that will benefit your life for the better will allow you to become stronger and more independent.  Setting goals on tackling your fears and confronting them is a great way to turn the negativity into positive energy.  Whenever you feel like your scared of doing something do it anyway.  Utilize the three second rule for any given situation for example talking to someone and take action and do it!

What are Binaural Beats?

They are two separate isotonic frequencies going into each ear.  They level out to the median frequency.  This frequency is a calculated brainwave that literally alters your brainwaves.  They give you the ability to be more energized, to sleep, to focus and many more things!  I use binaural beats with meditation as it really gives me a fuller awareness.  I discovered them in high school and ever since have been utilizing them.  Today science shows that they can increase your IQ by as much as 10 points!

<![CDATA[Knowledge is Power Les Brown's Key to Success]]>Mon, 07 Jul 2014 06:31:27 GMThttp://vibrationalfrequency.weebly.com/blog/knowledge-is-power-les-browns-key-to-success
1 major goal (index card) - read 3 times a day
"Ask and it shall be given seek and it shall be found knock and it shall be given unto you"
- breakthroughs will happen

- BREAK the spell by constant attention
- poverty mindset is a spell people are mesmerized by life and they consciously stop and it is a spell

- in order to do something you've never done you got to become someone you've never been
- you got to be willing to give up who you have been to give birth to who you can become
- 1 radical change you're going to make about you and if you do that your life will never be the same again!
- no one knows you like you you know what you have to work on
- "i had to work on courage" Les Brown procrastinated as a spectator for 14 years
- Les Brown a motivational speaker couldn't find the courage until he found someone who he saw was so boring and realized that if he can do it that he can do it too.
- You can't worry about what they have you got to realize
- radical change doesn't happen over night it happens everyday a change in courage faith and power
- get someone who will hold you accountable for improving and challenging yourself
- find somebody that you can find a personal and improvement coach that you can invest in
- if tiger woods needs a coach than what do you need?
- most people don't know that they don't know
- your best thinking has got you where you are and find someone who will have the courage to tell you what you have to hear not what you want to hear
- "if you can entertain them you can educate them"
- what can you do if you sat down and started thinking?
- you got to get a larger vision of yourself
- has anybody ever seen something in yourself that you haven't seen for yourself
- "i had more in me than I had known"
- once you make the decision to identify that key area in your life that you need to make a radical change things will begin to open up for you
- once you identify your goal I want you to if possible get a visual picture of that goal!!!
- you will fail yourself your way to success
- you have to have courage so if you fall down in back land on your back so that you can look up and get up
- writing your goals down and looking at them everyday will program them into your subconscious mind
- everyday break down your goals into the 7 most important things that you can do to achieve these goals
- break your goals down into increments your 1 week goals 1 month goals 6 month goals and 1 year goals
- what are the 7 things that can move you forward in the direction of your goals
- you've got greatness in you and you can do more than you can even begin to imagine
- "the reason why you're watching me now is because you know in your heart of hearts that you can do what I've done and even more"
1) writing your goals down
2) listening to motivational messages
3) changing your relationships/upgrading your relationships
4) thinking about 7 things that you need to do everyday 
5) some radical change that you need to make in you
6) you got to take responsibility... the only person that is going to be working on toward your goals is you...you got to take responsibility to make it happen....if you fail so what come back again and again and again and again if it's something you love if it's your passion until you do it!
- "the people that make it in this life look around for the circumstances that they want and if they can't find them they make them"
- Les Brown lost his house that he attempted to move his mother into because he didn't do a title search....90 days in he bought a bigger and better house.....90 days in you got to focus on the thing you want to do.....stay focused on your goal....keep the main thing the main thing
- you are going to have distractions that's apart of the process it's not there to stop you it's only there to challenge you you want to grow through it...
- "tough times never last but tough people do"
- you going through hell don't stop keep on moving keep swinging!!!!!
- "there's an old african proverb... if there's no enemy within than the enemy outside can do us no harm"
- having a personal coach is really important
- what is it as you look in your past that is effecting you right now?
- you might be through with your past but your past is not through with you
- "les brown was affected when in the third grade when he was told that he was not like his other brother and never makes honor role"
- look at a man as to what he could be and he will become what he should be
- visualize that you already there reticular activating system in our brains you are a genius (the subconscious mind) everything we need the answers are already there!
- when you begin to hold a vision of what it is you want to achieve you stimulate what is called the reticular activating system it's a network like a group of cells at the base of your brain....HOW IT WORKS.....when you purchase the same car and once you leave the lot you start seeing the car everywhere.....HOW DID THIS HAPPEN.....you made an investment and because you made an investment that peaked your awareness that stimulated your reticular activating system
<![CDATA[Proven Way to Boost Your IQ in 30 Days]]>Mon, 07 Jul 2014 06:29:36 GMThttp://vibrationalfrequency.weebly.com/blog/proven-way-to-boost-your-iq-in-30-daysI've been on an adventure these last couple of weeks seeking some of the best ways for me to increase my IQ.  It has taken some extensive research for me to come up with some techniques and tips that will be conducive to this concept.  From what I have come across I can say that IQ or intelligence is something that you can increase at any age!  Matter of fact there are plenty of resources out there that will help with this process.  The most essential techniques I have come across and am now incorporating everyday of my life are some of the most valuable tools that will help increase not only my IQ but also my ability to think differently, feel differently, concentrate better, dramatically impacting my ability to focus and also my memory.  These are to name a few of the personal growth I have achieved on my journey to self growth.  I have discovered that Neuroscientists from Stanford University support a program called Lumosity which is a variety of games that train you to become more alert by challenging yourself to take on more challenging games that will require more focus the further you progress.  It is a great way to be able to calculate your BPI which you use to see your statistics over the amount of time you have been playing different games.  The more you improve the higher your skill is in whatever area you decide to focus on.  I think that it is interesting as far as the scientific research that has been established behind it proving its value and ability to actually change neurons in your brain.  Your brain is plastic so that's what Luminosity derives from the opportunity to build up different muscles in your brain expanding your capacity to learn new things at a higher fast and more intellectual level that ultimately will be noticeable when you see the results.  In addition to this I believe reading at least 20 pages a day out of positive books is critical to keeping your brain fresh with new information allowing you to improve both reading comprehension additionally the knowledge that you'll learn from whatever you commit to reading.  Another unique method to increase your IQ score in a matter of 30 days is binaural beats.  They are two different sound frequencies going into your headphones that create a brainwave frequency that's divergent of the two different frequencies.   According to my research if you listen to binaural beats and get ahold of a frequency that creates brainwaves at a Delta level will significantly increase your intelligence.  It works by putting your brain in a frequency that will allow new cells to reproduces and neurons to attach to each developing new pathways for these neurotransmitters to signal and fire new information more rapidly.  I realized that meditation is KEY to expanding ones mind to change the way you to think differently be at peace with oneself and to see the world in a new perspective.  Take consideration that it takes a period of 30 days of at least one hour of set time to focus on meditation in order for you to notice a significant difference in the way you look at things in your life.  I've found that combining binaural beats with meditation makes the process significantly easier and more productive with greater results.  The best way to approach meditation I've found is to not be in bed or lying down but rather sitting down so that you can make the most out of it without getting distracted by getting tired or even falling asleep!  The goal is to clear your mind and to focus on what you want to see in your life.  For example, I focus on all of the great gifts that I have in my life, everything that I have to be grateful for, especially visualizing where I want to be in my life which is envisioning myself performing at the most healthy state of mind and focusing on the best me that I can be and how I can attribute this to my relationships even the world around me.  Remember that negative thoughts will come racing in your mind so this is where it is critical to bring yourself back to a neutral state of silence and then refocusing on what you WANT to see and BE in life! The last but by far not least great method to increasing your IQ is participating in biofeedback and Neurofeedback!  They are proven devices that trace your brain patterns and train you to think differently and have been proven to cure ADHD, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, increase confidence and self esteem and can be helpful in many other areas that you may be struggling with.  Interesting enough if you get an opportunity to use these assets you will have devices attached to your head to read your vibrational state and brainwaves even the thoughts that you are thinking.  Let me tell you this alone increased my IQ by 9 points after only 3 months alone. I guarantee that if you practice these techniques and utilize them everyday in your life for 30 days your IQ/intelligence will increase by at least 5 points perhaps even 10.  It really comes down to you making a decision to implement this change in your life and then to commit to this 30 days challenge to get the most significant improvement!  So start today and in 30 days, come back to this blog and tell me how many points your IQ has gone up.  Obviously it's a good idea to take an IQ test prior to this 30 day challenge and one at the end to see the difference!  Look forward to talking to you soon and hearing how these techniques have changed your life!  Check my blogposts daily for more information on empowering yourself to changing your life by becoming a better version of yourself in order to create your destiny and live your dream!]]><![CDATA[Law of Attraction Decoded]]>Mon, 16 Jun 2014 06:50:59 GMThttp://vibrationalfrequency.weebly.com/blog/law-of-attraction-decoded
What is the law of attraction and how does it work?
It's metaphysical science that allows you to create your reality with your thoughts feelings and behavior.  Everybody has a ton of atoms in there body that is full of electricity that contain explosive power.  People are in a vibrational state whether they are aware of it or not.  This is where they control what they attract into there lives.  If you have a negative vibe then you'll get negative results and attract negative events.  However, if you learn more about how our feelings, thoughts and imagination can almost magically allow us to consciously change our state of energy thus our vibrational state and this is where we can get into alignment with what we want to attract into our lives.  Now think about it this way.  We quite literally always make a choice whether we choose to make one or not we get results based on that decision.  When we control our energy with actions in life we essentially can control what we bring into our life such as wealth, a better lifestyle, freedom, women, better relationships, ideas for business, people that help us out, friends that make our lives better and whatever we believe we attract.  Therefore the key to living the Law of Attraction is to keep it simple.  It's a formula that we can study and put into action every single day in every way to better our lives and there is no ceiling to the amount of success, happiness, or prosperity we can get out of this process.  In order to project your dreams and utilize the law of attraction to get them we live this code we breathe it and sleep it.  Everything we do must align with the feeling that we would have if we had everything that we wanted.  For example, think about how you would feel if you were a millionaire, visualize this with your imagination realistically and breakthrough your current vibrational state to that of you being more successful as a millionaire.  When we align ourselves to that of a type of energy that we believe is true about ourselves even before we may even have it is essential and a crucial part to this experiment and cracking the code to this formula.  Personally, I believe that we create our life with our thoughts, feelings and behavior.  This is the equipment we need to upgrade in order to change our lifestyle so that we can create what we want in our life!  So change your thoughts and change your life.  Quite literally try meditating for 30 days and focus on everything that you are grateful for, think of the type of person you are how great you are and how much you want to become the best you, focus on loving yourself, because you are your own best friend and at times worst friend.  So when you change your relationship with yourself you'll cultivate a breakthrough with the rest of your life and people in it.  As you think more positively more constructively and productively about yourself and your life the better you'll feel about your self therefore this is the key cornerstone the driving force that makes our ideal life to becoming our reality.  Dream your life and live your dream.  Realize that the driving force that makes all this happen is the cutting edge that will allow you to break through any obstacle and this driving force is rigorous action or behavior and effort.  The more energy and effort you take to change your thoughts then your feelings the more easily you'll be able to confidently be able to change your behavior and change the way you act.  Therefore you'll be getting new results different results that you may have never gotten before and it's a cycle that will evolve you into the person that you want to become and the closer you'll align yourself into the vibrational state required to attract whatever you want in your life.  Obtaining and having a certain vibrational frequency is the end goal of the Law of Attraction as this is the point where we literally are magnetic and whatever vibration we are in filters what magnitude of things we attract into our lives.  My philosophy is that the Law of Attraction is for real it is essentially quantum physics and  a mystical science that has yet to be revealed in the next few decades and I firmly believe that whatever you set your mind to you can achieve.  Anything is possible even the limiting beliefs that you impose on yourself.  Why not go all out and live the luxurious lifestyle that you have been dreaming of?  It does not matter what your age is all that matters is the ability to make the commitment to put forth all of your energy and effort to do whatever it will take in order to make it happen.  Commit to yourself simply to meditate and come to peace with yourself.  Trust me when I say that if you do this for 30 days you will change the way you think about yourself thus the way you feel about yourself and your perspective on life.  Everyone lives in their own world so now it's your opportunity to make your dreams come true and hustle harder than you ever have before.  By this I mean everything we do in life is a habit for the most part.  When we change our habits we replace them with new ones.  Change the way you think and according to Neuroscientists it only takes 30 days to change a habit.  The neurons in your brain will change and this is called neuro-plasticity!  It's common sense and a gold mine in the study of science today.  Life is everything we make it to be it is a journey it is an adventure and a way of life.  Never give up or give in to old ways always go after what is yours by being willing to make the commitment to change your behavior and reward yourself with different results or outcomes.  We are all magnets we literally attract everything in our life whether we want it or not the key is knowing what you want and making the decision to change your way of life to get it.  By using these steps I assure you that through practice and repetition you can feel think believe and be whoever and however you want to in your life.  Life is paradoxical and systematically a funnel to the way that we act.  So thrive and get it.  The Law of Attraction has now been decoded.  Everyday I will be posting the most crucial blogs regarding this law of attraction and ways you can manifest the whatever you want to in life.  I will give tips and tools for you to change the way you think.  I will provide extensive content on how to change your believes even how to visualize what it would be like to be happier than you can even imagine being.  Stay tuned and check out the movie now on Youtube the Secret Law of Attraction! Chow for now.